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Okoshiyasu Welcome Square

Marathon Participants are encouraged to visit the Okoshiyasu Welcome Square 2017 at Miyakomesse (Kyoto International Exhibition Hall) as it is also being held in the same location as runner check-in.

The Okoshiyasu Welcome Square 2017 will be free for all to enter over the two-day check-in period, Fri. February 17 through Sat. February 18.* Here, you can enjoy all kinds of great experiences at the many booths, including the Marathon sponsors’, roam the food stands to sample gourmet cuisine from some of Kyoto’s most famous restaurants, and take part in an authentic Japanese tea ceremony.

If you’re a runner, please feel free to bring along your friends and family members. You’ll be greeted with a big, warm Kyoto "Okoshiyasu!"

*On the day of the marathon (Sun. February 19), Okoshiyasu Welcome Square will be open to runners only.

Support Information
This page is packed with information to help friends and family members who will be supporting runners along the course. It features a list of the best spots for watching and cheering, along with estimated times when runners will pass through key checkpoints, and maps for accessing the Start and Finish Areas.

Be sure to share this handy information with those who are coming to cheer you on.

*If you plan to come to the Finish Area to meet a runner you are supporting, arrange a meeting place in advance.

Please note that moving between the Eastern and Western Meeting Areas takes approx. 12 minutes on foot.

"Okoshiyasu Welcome Square" and "Support Information" Pages Now Online
"Okoshiyasu Welcome Square" and "Support Information" Pages Now Online