The Kyoto Marathon 2017 has come to a close.

We are both honored and privileged to have hosted the Kyoto Marathon 2017 this year, as this is the year we commemorate the centennial anniversary of Japan’s first ekiden road relay race which started from Sanjo Ohashi Bridge in Kyoto, the “City of Road Races.”

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the runners, volunteers, spectators, and many Kyoto residents who have so generously cooperated with the Kyoto Marathon.
Without you, we could never have greeted this special day once again this year.

One of the goals of the Kyoto Marathon 2017 was to make the event an opportunity to cheer on those who were giving their utmost.

This was evident in our new provisions for this year. Out of a sincere desire to assist people in their first attempts and personal targets, with the entire city of Kyoto celebrating them, we have set aside special entries to support runners aiming to break their personal best times (3.5 hours for men and 4.0 hours for women) and those who have consecutively lost in the lottery for the marathon race. We also gave priority to regional ties or cooperative frameworks in the pair-ekiden race.

There are those of you who finished the race and those of you who unfortunately had to stop before the finish line. You are, however, most certainly worthy of praise and recognition, and should take pride in having taken on the challenges you set for yourselves.
Congratulations and good job!

The organizers would be most delighted if the Kyoto Marathon 2017 successfully conveyed the joy of cheering and being cheered on, supported those who gave their utmost and their challenges, and helped to create a bond between the runners and spectators.

To everyone involved in the Kyoto Marathon, we wish you great health and good fortune for the upcoming year.

Let’s meet again in 2018!

Thank you.